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A Family Practice: Bridging the Gap Between the Modern Condition and Classical Wisdom

By T. F. Glomb


With the New Year just arrived, no doubt, you are starting to put your resolutions and intentions into practice. Perhaps, some of those intentions focus on your health and personal wellbeing. And so, as you embark on this journey, the question of who you would like to work with will inevitably arise. Who will help you meet those goals? Who is your ideal practitioner? And, when deciding on a healthcare provider, what aspects of the relationship do you consider most important? 


Meet Shore Points Acupuncture, a family practice comprising the brother and sister team of Craig and Michelle Graceffo. They practice under the same roof, but they are quite distinct when it comes to temperament, perspective, and energy. As such, these distinctions are reflected directly in their treatment styles and approaches. What sets them apart from other practitioners is their collaborative approach to maintaining a clinic and caring for patients. Time together is most often spent discussing Chinese medicine theory and Daoist principles about nature and how this relates not only to their own life journeys, but also to how these principles could apply to the patients they treat in their practice.


Michelle is trained in Classical Chinese Medicine meaning her treatments and style pull from an 88-generation, oral tradition taught and transmitted by Jeffrey Yuen. In addition to this style of practice, she has recently revitalized her affinity for and immersed herself within the world of essential oils. By digging deeper into the transformative properties of the oils, she adds to her already ten years of experience utilizing the oils in treatments, bringing even more depth and resonance to the healing process.


Before feeling ready to step onto the path of a Chinese Medicine practitioner, Craig intuitively felt that it was important to first live other lives: a farmer, a teacher, a musician, entrepreneur, traveler, and gravedigger. It was the accumulated experience and wisdom of these lives which Craig felt would help to both understand and work with a wide range of patients. In his practice, he weaves together these past lives with his Chinese Medical background while also incorporating his post-graduate work in scalp acupuncture, neuro-acupuncture, Qi Gong, stroke rehabilitation, as well as dietetics and nutrition. He uses what he has accumulated and learned thus far in his journey to better serve and meet patients where they are on their life paths. 


Michelle and Craig are committed to self-growth and personal transformation, and they want to work with individuals who are also committed to transformation. In addition to their Chinese Medicine backgrounds, they are always striving to add to their practitioner toolboxes. More knowledge and modalities translate into more offerings that improve patient outcomes and bring him/her closer to discovering their authentic self. As such, they have recently added Quantum Biofeedback scans to their acupuncture treatments which is a device that uses frequencies to heal and align the body to create homeostasis.


With her deeper dives into essential oils, Michelle started her own apothecary, using her Chinese Medicine expertise to create tailored oil blends to enhance her acupuncture treatments. Craig and Michelle have also expanded outside their clinic. They now offer collaborative wellness events in various settings as a way to harness the power of the group to facilitate large-scale collective healing experiences. 


When you are ready to put your resolutions into practice and begin the next phase in your healing journey, Michelle and Craig encourage you to consider booking with Shore Points Acupuncture. They are located at 508 Main St. in Avon-By-The-Sea. They can be reached by phone: 732.447.1067 or by email: Their website is:


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