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Another Take on Energy Medicine

So, you think that chronic fatigue is related to current stress? Think again!

It’s most likely related to the feeling of being abandoned you’ve been feeling since you were a child!

I highly recommend the book, The Body Keeps the Score, by Besser van der Kolk, which explains that our past stories and traumas can remain trapped in our body. Did you know that Energy Medicine can help release these stories from the body, enabling healing in a variety of ways?

Energy Medicine healers have the ability to tap into your energetic field and work with your energy. Since the pandemic shut down the world, we have seen proof that this can be done virtually. Energy Medicine is non-invasive and requires a skilled practitioner tuning into your body’s needs. The practitioner will feel what you are feeling by tuning into your quantum field and go through the process with you, much like a surrogate. This virtual connection is so powerful that I have tuned into a client virtually and felt a stabbing pain in my neck, which we connected to pain from a past relationship that we needed to clear.

Some modalities that you may already be familiar with are Reiki, Healing Touch, EFT and Body Talk. But a newer modality, called Body Intuitive, was developed about five years ago. Body Intuitive combines Eastern (Chinese) Medicine and Western Medicine. It is founded on the principles of the mind-body connection where the body remembers and stores trauma, which a practitioner can uncover and help the client release.

This trauma can range from childhood situations, the loss of a loved one, to moving or financial hardships. Once the story is uncovered, the practitioner tells the body how to move through the trauma.

It is not always about trauma. Sometimes, issues relating to digestion, toxins and overall immune health arise as well. Body Intuitive can help with hormones, stress, anxiety, pain, depression and Covid long haul symptoms. We work with chakras, ancestral healing, and a field called Epigenetics. Epigenetics believes there is a layer on top of your genes that have been affected by either emotions, sickness or toxins, and we can alter them using our healing approach of acupoints, breathing, or telling the body how to function (or a combination of these things).

One of the most interesting acupoints that is used for many digestive issues or emotional issues is Stomach 36. Stomach 36 is called “Zuzanli,” and is a point for 100 diseases. It regulates digestion and assures proper nourishment reaches the main organs. It stimulates Qi and blood with the stomach and spleen. It is believed it can increase energy and stamina. Also it can help with emotional well-being, stability and grounding.

Energy medicine can have amazing healing benefits because practitioners see the body as a whole, and do not address just one issue. Sometimes, a client may have to clear emotional issues before the pain in the body releases. It can be a wonderful healing journey to see what the body is holding on to and allow it to safely let go and move forward.


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