Back to School Eye Exams – Protection Against Harmful Effects of Blue Light

With the new school semester now in full swing it’s important that we take note of how our new

reality impacts our day to day health and wellbeing. Most students and parents are finding

themselves logging many more hours in front of a computer screen.

As we adjust to remote - learning and working situations, eye health may not be the first thing

we think about as we navigate our new “norm”. Increased screentime may cause harmful blue

light effects on our eyes. Blue light has been linked to eye strain, difficulty focusing, sleep

disturbances and more.

Fortunately Integrative Vision in Shrewsbury is here to help. Call 732.389.2792 and schedule

your appointment today with Dr. Neda Gioia OD, FOWNS. Integrative Vision is located at 180

Ave of the Common, Suite 6. Visit for more information.

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