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Chakras with Body Intuitive

Chakras are where dozens of nerves come together to form spinning clusters of energy. The energy centers govern the well-being of the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The Root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit, is at the base of your spine facing down connecting to the earth. The color is red. The Root chakra is tied to our basic instincts of surviving, safety and security. Hindu believes it is created in the body between conception and 7 years old. In Body Intuitive, we can tie the Root chakra into the adrenal system and survival areas of the brain. Essential oils to help support this chakra are Cedarwood and Clove. The second chakra is the Sacral chakra, or Svadhishthana in Sanskrit, is three fingers below the navel. The color of the chakra is orange. The chakra is responsible for emotions, creativity and sensuality. The age at which this chakra is formed is 7-14 years old. The body areas associated with this chakra are parts of the gut-brain, reproductive organs, and hormones. The essential oils to support this chakra are Cinnamon, Fennel and Orange. Yoga can help to open up this chakra and all the chakras.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus, or Manipura in Sanskrit. The chakra is the center of self-esteem and personal power. The color is yellow. The emotional challenge is Shame: obstructs spontaneity, self-esteem, blocks willpower. Some of the fears associated with the Solar Plexus are rejection, criticism and failure. The chakra is formed between 14-21 years old. The essential oils are anise, grapefruit or lemon. Walking in the sun can help with this chakra. The fourth chakra is the Heart, Anahata in Sanskrit. This chakra is mostly shown as green for love, but can also be rose quartz crystal pink for self-love. The emotional imbalance is grief which impairs connection and love. Some of the fears are loneliness, fear of commitment and emotional vulnerability. The heart chakra is formed between the ages of 21-28. It can be cleared with essential oils of rose, jasmine and cardamom. Also using rose quartz crystal or green jade is helpful. Adding a gratitude practice can improve the heart chakra.

The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra or Vishuddha in Sanskrit. It is located at the base of the throat and the color is blue. It is about communication and expression. The emotional challenge is lies - misinformation impacts our ability to relate to the world. The fears are speaking and self-expression. The ages it is formed is between 28-35 years. The body area is the Thyroid and in the brain the hypothalamus. Some essential oils to boost the chakra are lemongrass, chamomile and geranium. In order to support the chakra, one can do breathing exercises, singing or toning with your voice and focus on neck stretches.

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye or Ajna chakra, responsible for perception and intuition. The chakra is in the center of the forehead and the color is indigo. It reaches its peak between the ages of 35-42. The fears associated with the chakra is the shadow side and fear of looking within. In the body it is related to hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The essential oils to help clear any blocks are cypress and juniper. To boost this chakra, get in the sun and let it flood the Third Eye. Practice mindfulness meditation. The final chakra we will look at is the Crown chakra. It is at or above the crown of your head. The color is violent and the chakra becomes strongest between the ages of 42-49.The fear associated with the Crown is attachment. . In the body, this chakra is related to the pineal gland, and relates to the sleep cycle. Using the essential oils of lavender or palo santo can help clear any blockages. Some practices that help boost the chakra are meditation, using mantras and visualization.

Body Intuitive is another tool that helps balance and clear the chakras. Find a practitioner that you connect with to start healing now!


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