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Channeling from the Spirit World: Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Channeling, the act of serving as a conduit for spiritual messages, has long fascinated humanity. Traced back to ancient civilizations, this practice reveals our enduring quest to understand the unseen.

In ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi stands out. The temple's Pythia, in a trance perhaps induced by earth's vapors, would relay Apollo's messages. Similarly, Native American shamans, in trance states, communicated with spirits and ancestors. In Africa, rhythmic drumming and dancing accompanied mediums channeling ancestral spirits.

The 19th-century Western world saw a revival in spiritualism. The Fox Sisters, central to this resurgence, claimed communication with spirits through coded knocks and rappings, spurring séances and mediumship throughout the US and UK.

Mediums, become deeply entranced, relay messages while others use methods like automatic writing. These messages, stemming from entities like deceased loved ones, ancient spirits, or universal consciousness, often guide, or provide clarity and closure.

However, skepticism surrounds channeling. Critics view it as a medium's subconscious play or attribute it to cold reading, where mediums make educated guesses based on a participant's reactions. Yet, instances where mediums convey unknown information challenge these critiques, suggesting a genuine otherworldly connection.

It's essential to distinguish that mediums are not the message's origin but its vessel. They align their consciousness with frequencies beyond ordinary human perception, requiring trust, training, and spiritual grounding.

Today, channeling has transcended spiritual circles, influencing popular culture. Notable entities like Seth (by Jane Roberts), Abraham (by Esther Hicks), and Bashar (by Darryl Anka) have shed light on reality and consciousness. With modern practical focus, the appeal of channeling stresses our yearning to connect beyond the physical realm.

In essence, it’s bridging the spiritual and tangible, showcases humanity's timeless spiritual pursuit. Its rich tapestry, spanning eras and cultures, highlights an enduring belief: there's more to this earthly existence.

Dawn Ricci is a Certified Spiritual Advisor – Psychic Medium who channels Archangels, Master Guides, and Loved ones to provide profound healing messages and for her clients to understand that their loved ones are always close by. To book an appointment, visit or email



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