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Dimensions of the Law of Attraction

Taking control of your personal energy is one of the best ways to reduce your stress, improve your balance, and increase your happiness. But the benefits don’t end there; when you are balanced and focused, you can direct your energy to serve your needs and manifest the things in life you want. Bringing the Universe’s energy to help you create the life you desire is called the Law of Attraction.

A critical point about the Law of Attraction is that the personal energy field you create needs to attract the Universal assistance and guidance. This means that you must be actively planning and living the change or manifestation that you want. Your mindset, your motivations, and your activities need to be aligned with how you conceive of the results. However, it is not named the “Law of Wishes;” declaring to the Universe that you are ready to receive is not the same as sending your energy out to magnetically attract the changes you are seeking. You have to want it, and you have to create the energy fields that will pull it to you.

Another key consideration about the Law of Attraction is that the manifestation of your desires can happen in many ways. The Universe may send you several options for you to choose from, or you may receive several different streams of energy that, when combined, will complete your manifestation. Avoid restricting your views on how the Universe will answer you; in many cases, people are expecting the Universe to help them manifest in a specific way, and they disregard or minimize the options that are actually provided. While working with the Law of Attraction, allow yourself the benefit of the doubt to see ALL of the ways in which you can manifest your goals.

At Dimensions Reiki, we are committed to showing you how to cleanse and energize your energy fields to manifest your Highest Good. Our private Reiki healing sessions and psychic readings give you balance and focus for your goals as well as insight and guidance, and our diverse classes are designed to improve the many ways through which you can enhance your own use of the Law of Attraction. All of our services are available remotely for your convenience. Our exciting new program “Mastering Your Energy" is changing perceptions and teaching our students how to monitor and balance their energy on their own, empowering them to improve their everyday lives.

Spirit awaits; come discover your Spiritual You!!

For more information, visit Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, spiritual scientist, psychic, spiritual cleanser, and spirit medium who owns Dimensions Reiki, 169 Main Street, Suite 105, Matawan, NJ. Please email or call 732.832.1036 to schedule an appointment with Jeff or with Tracy, another of our skilled Reiki Masters.


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