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Free Introduction to Energy Medicine

Greens Natural Food in Ocean will host a free introduction to Energy Medicine on Saturday, February 4, 1pm hosted by Beyond Holistic Healing. Start your healing journey now with Beth Aitken, an Energy Medicine Healer. Aitken practices Energy Medicine using the modality of Body Intuitive, which combines Eastern (Chinese) Medicine and the Western knowledge of the body.

She reads imbalances in the body and brings the body into harmony using a variety of methods, such as acupressure points and a shamanic breathing technique. Body Intuitive is effective to treat stress, pain, digestive issues, detox, emotional issues and more.

In addition to Body Intuitive sessions, she is excited to introduce Genius Biofeedback. Genius Biofeedback is a Quantum Biofeedback software which uses the body’s voice and picture to scan for resonance with food, vitamins, sleep, digestion, emotions and so much more! Sessions offered virtually!


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