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Free Introduction to Energy Medicine

Join Beyond Holistic Healing on Sunday, May 7, 10:30am, at Unity By The Shore for a free introduction to Energy Medicine and a group mini-session. Start your healing journey now! I am Beth Aitken, an Energy Medicine Healer. I practice Energy Medicine using the modality of Body Intuitive, which combines Eastern (Chinese) Medicine and the Western knowledge of the body. I tune into disruptions in the body and mind, and uncover the stories holding the disruption in place. Body Intuitive can help reduce stress, improve energy and decrease pain. Body Intuitive can provide a greater sense of well-being and peace. Unity By The Shore 3508 Asbury Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

I am excited to introduce Genius Biofeedback. Genius Biofeedback is a Quantum Biofeedback software that uses your voice and picture to scan for your body’s resonance with food, vitamins, sleep, digestion, emotions, anxiety and so much more! Sessions offered virtually!


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