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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

The number 6 of 2022 represents the themes of protection, home, family, love,

justice, and ... the immune system. All of these things will be challenged

throughout the year.

The 6th body is the Arc Line, which is a halo that stretches around your forehead,

earlobe to earlobe. Women have an extra arc line that runs from nipple to nipple

and assists in bonding with an infant. It is your protective shield against negativity

in the world.

Some people’s Arc Lines are stronger than others. We are naturally drawn to

people who have a brightness about them, and a strong Arc Line creates a

magnetism that attracts opportunities. We want the opportunities, protection, and

higher love in 2022, so here are some recommendations to navigate a 6 year:

1. Trust yourself. Self-respect creates a protective aura that automatically

registers in the unconscious of another person. It creates the effect of, “This

person can’t be messed with.”

2. Self love. Care for your health like it’s your most precious possession. Invest

in the water filter, vitamins, and time for self-care. Six is the immune system and


3. Pray. Whatever that means to you. Pray for others, send good vibes out to the


4. Avoid watching the news. Focus on what you can control, which is your mind

and your environment

5. Number 6 is family and community, so connect with others you care about and

who make you feel good.

6. Danielle, owner of Freedom Rocks Crystal Shop has intuitively chosen several

crystals to support you during a 6 year.

Amethyst ‘the stone of peace’

Amethyst is one of the most spiritually relaxing stones in the crystal kingdom. It is the perfect stone to keep in the bedroom, if the problem you’re struggling with most, is anxiety or getting a restful night’s sleep. The Amethyst crystal allows you to connect to and trust your inner knowing, guiding you toward the choices that you know are right for you.

• Labradorite ‘the mystic stone’

Just like gazing upon the northern lights, with Labradorite by your side sparks of light will awaken your passion and illuminate the path to your destiny. A highly mystical and protective stone, it deflects unwanted energies, banishing fears and insecurities from this life and past lives.

• Sodalite ‘the stone of truth logic and rationality’

An excellent stone for the mind, Sodalite helps eliminate mental confusion. It stimulates your pineal gland so you can get more in touch with your intuition. Sodalite is an excellent stone to use in group discussions and healing circles. If you find that the words keep getting stuck in your throat, you may be experiencing a block in your throat chakra.

• Smokey Quartz is one of the most grounding, protective and stabilizing stones.

Working with the root chakra, smoky quartz will help you remain calm, focused and balanced in any situation. Smokey Quartz teaches you how to let go of things that no longer serve you so you can create positive change in your life and move forward.

• Clear Quartz is a powerful energy amplifier on the planet. Quartz is the best stone for manifesting realities, programming intentions or amplifying energies. Once you program or set your intention for your Clear Quartz stone, it will constantly put your intention out into the universe.

This crystal bundle is available on Freedom Rocks Etsy shop. To learn more about tantric numerology or find out your personal numerology visit

Danielle is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher,

Astrologer and Owner of Freedom Rocks Crystal shop in Asbury Park.

To learn more follow @Freedomrocksco on Instagram or visit Freedom

Rocks Crystal Shop 518 Bangs Ave, Asbury Park.


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