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Got Pain? Custom Foot Orthotics May Be the Answer

Many people do not know that the feet contain 52 bones, making up ¼ of all the bones in the body. It is no wonder that pain in your feet, knees, hips, and lower back can correlate to improper footwear, overuse, or repetitive stress injuries, as well as overarching health diseases such as obesity and diabetes. With the aid of a custom foot orthotics, a structured shoe insert designed to support the foot bones in their optimal position, Gothotics can be an easy fix to recurring and relentless pain.

The average person walks approximately 150,000 miles in their lifetime, roughly the equivalent of circling the world six times! As you age, exerting more hours spent standing, walking, or running, it is inevitable that the abuse we expose our feet too will cause some sort of foot pain or injury. If you are like many people around the world, who experience recurring pain and want to find a simple solution, custom foot orthotics may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Although generic orthotics are available through many retail outlets, and could offer a brief bit of comfort, they are not designed to provide sustaining pain relief. Molded to your foot and built just for you, custom orthotics may offer lasting relief and are recommended for:

· Aligning and supporting the foot and/or ankle

· Improving balance and posture

· Preventing, correcting or accommodating foot deformities

· Improving the overall function of the foot or ankle

· Relieving the pain of the most common foot ailments

Until recently, obtaining a pair of custom orthotics would be very inconvenient and financially prohibitive, as they require an appointment with an orthopedist, podiatrist, or chiropractor to fit your foot and meet your physical needs. Now we are in a new era, health and wellness information are becoming more broadly known, allowing consumers to take the fate of their health, and their feet, into their own hands. Leveraging the latest CAD-CAM technology and applying his decades of experience as a chiropractor, the founder of GoThotics is determined to provide pain relief through high quality foot orthotics, at an affordable price, made just for you.

By visiting and following the 3 easy steps listed on the home page, start your journey to comfort today! Get real custom foot orthotics fabricated specifically for you, because no two feet are alike.


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