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How to Exercise and Put Pain in the Past

By Chris Pepitone, D.C., AP

Oftentimes weakness and muscle imbalances can be strong generators of pain. It is hard enough to find the time to work out let alone to know exactly what exercises to do for the greatest benefit. As we age, we begin to realize that having that six pack isn’t worth the back pain that comes with it. Aesthetics becomes significantly less important than being pain-free and strong.

What if I were to tell you that you could have both?

Naturally, there is an order of importance. You have to be out of pain to be able to push yourself (if you want) to get the aesthetics. I tell my patients a hard truth when it comes to working out. The exercises you first need to do are the ones that undo the damage life is doing to you. Once you get those out of the way then you can do whatever fun or goal-oriented exercises you want.

The next question is: How do I know what exercises are the ones that I need? This is where it becomes slightly more complicated because there is no one answer that applies to everyone.

Several factors are involved in determining the best exercise program progression to accomplish not only being pain-free but to also obtain the physical goals that may seem unattainable.

  • What do you do for work or the major activities you do during the day?

  • What exercises programs do you currently do and/or have done?

  • What is your history of sports and other physical activities?

  • What are your limitations based upon injury and joint degeneration?

  • What types of recruiting patterns have you established that facilitate injury while working out?

  • How flexible or inflexible are you?

These are just some of the points that need to be taken into consideration when

developing a workout plan. Another important point to note when looking for someone to

develop a workout plan for you is teaching proper form. Ensuring as close to perfect form as possible in order to get the most out of the exercise and to not make an injury worse. This education is invaluable as you can take it and start working out on your own without worrying about hurting yourself.

At Pure Health Services we offer a full body neurological and musculoskeletal

examination to establish your imbalances, injuries, and the causes. Collecting this

information is paramount when putting together a therapy/workout plan to get you out of

pain and feeling stronger again.

You can visit our website at or call us at 732-747-0083 to

schedule a consult to start you on the path to feeling well and moving well.


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