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Morning Rituals: Five Things to do before your Feet Hit the Floor!

Are you one of those people who wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm clock? Then, jump out of bed before you even have time to end your dream state. What is the first thing you do? Is it check your phone for messages or start reading emails? Or you hit-up social media to see what you have missed? If so, these rituals are a must try for you.

Sleep researchers have warned us, repeatedly, how getting a good night’s sleep is so important to our overall health and wellbeing. Not getting enough sleep can cause disruptions and mood swings in daily life. Well, when you wake up in the morning, taking the time to release the slumber state is just as important. Here are Five Morning Rituals that everyone should do to start their day.

  1. Wake out of your slumber without opening your eyes just yet. Stay a moment longer with your eyes closed. Allow your other senses to become aware of what is around you. Tap in on what you hear. Could it be the shower running? Can you hear your dog snoring near you? Perhaps, there’s already coffee brewing, and the smell of toast has crept into the bedroom. Once you take these few moments to wake up your senses, then you open your eyes.

  2. With your eyes open, fixate on one thing around you. Focus your eyes on something else besides the clock. Peer out your window. Or stare at the beautiful picture you have on the wall. Notice something new. Enjoy the colors and shapes the artist has purposefully painted in every stroke. And mindfully notice that you have not spoken a word yet.

  3. While still lying take one stretch. Begin now with 3 deep breaths. Inhale for 6 seconds and then release for 3 seconds. This allows our Chi or Prana which is the Life Flow and Energy of our Being to automatically connect to the Universe. We are all connected to the Universe and when we consciously breathe, we can all be heard.

  4. Offering daily gratitude and stating your intention will allow the energy flow for your day. Start by stretching once more and get your body out of bed. When your feet hit the floor, pause. Make a statement aloud with something that feels relevant to you. You may add your own twist on it. Here is an example, “Thank you for all that has been given to me and all the positive energy that has already been planned for me today. I am so grateful for my life and to be living with such abundance. I ask to guide me today to keep me on track. I ask to guide me to speak only positive words to all I meet today. I ask all who speak to me, speak with love and respect.”

  5. Stand and pause for the moment, stretch to the sky, and believe that this day is going to be the fullest and most incredible ever.

Slowing down the process of rising out of bed each morning will give you inner peace and strength to head into your busy day. Take the five that are listed here and adapt your own. Keeping your ritual in alignment with gratitude, love, and offering grace is truly the best practice for better health and wellbeing. The Universe wants to connect with all of us.

Dawn Ricci is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor, who is located in Wall NJ. Dawn is available for private and group bookings. She can be reached at

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