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Nutrition Based Care with Dr. Julie Monica

Nutrition-based care is focused on building health by restoring balanced physiology through identifying positive food intake with natural, supporting supplementation. It confirms what food intakes have negative effects and includes cutting edge, diagnostic testing to identify the degree of dysfunction of chronic diseases; gastrointestinal/digestion issues, inflammation and its source, reflux disease, glucose and insulin management, daily elimination and weight loss challenges.

Practicing better nutrition contributes to over 75% in impacting these natural, daily, life style changes clinically known as managing your ADLs, “Activities of Daily Living” to create these positive, functional changes. This has become the preferred, first line of therapy even from a medical standpoint to manage chronic, metabolic diseases like these when appropriate. – To avoid medication

Dr. Julie Monica specializes in Clinical Nutrition. She is a Certified, Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University, as well. A Diplomat to the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutritionists (DCBCN) and is the 2020 Chair to the ANJC, Nutrition Education Counsel.

Her approach is functional.

In her Private Practice in Sea Girt, NJ Dr. Monica counsels individuals with guided plans specializing in optimizing metabolic health with clinical, nutritional approaches. Call 732.812.5187 for more information or to schedule an appointment, or visit


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