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Ramp Up Your Food Game with the Monmouth Co-op—436 Words

What’s so special about ramps?

Also known as spring onions or wild leeks, ramps are the trendy, little wild onion that grows for only a short amount of time each year. This limited availability adds to the ramps high value and high demand.

They tastes like a tender balance between garlic and onion, and every chef/foodie loves to get their hands on this spring delicacy whenever they can!

They are the first wild edible to emerge in the spring, causing much celebration through popular ramp festivals.

Very delicate, ramps have a short shelf life and only are fresh for a few days in the fridge. Try wrapping them in a damp, paper towel and store in the crisper drawer. You can try to air dry some chopped ramps and freeze in an airtight container for future use as a seasoning. They are good frozen for up to six months.

Some other not-so-common names for ramps are ramsons, wood leeks, and wild garlic.

They appear most similar to the appearance of scallions, but with flatter, broader, smooth leaves that are light green in color. They can sometimes have deep purple tints on the leaves or stems.

Ramps are foraged and harvested in the wild like truffles ... kind of like their bad-boy, adventurous cousin and commonly farmed scallions, shallots, onions and leeks.

Be sure to try this delicious recipe:

Pasta with ramp pesto, garlic bread and ramp compound butter provided by Monmouth County Organic Co-op member, Jack Higgin

Prepare (any style) pasta as directed, using Ramp Pesto to sauce.

Ramp Pesto:

· 1/8 cup pine nuts

· 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast

· 1 cup ramps (leaves and bulbs)

· salt and pepper to taste

· 1/4 cup olive oil

Blend all ingredients together in a small bullet-style blender.

If too thick, add slightly more olive oil (1/8 teaspoon at a time).

Slice Italian or French baguette bread into thick slices

Ramp Compound Butter:

· 1 stick of butter, softened

· 1/4 cup ramps, chopped

· 1/8 teaspoon minced garlic

· 1.5 teaspoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in a food processor or bullet-style blender until smooth.

Spread ramp compound butter onto bread slices.

Bake, broil, or air fry until butter is melted and bread is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Top with fresh chopped parsley.

Want to get in on the action, see what all the RAMPage is about? Join us!

Text 732.500.4949 for more information on upcoming Monmouth County Organic Fruit and Veggie Co Op deliveries. Also ask to join our Facebook Group 'Organic Fruit and Veggie Co-op Monmouth County NJ' for updates and delivery lists. We run all year!


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