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Re-visioning 2020 with Gratitude

The Yoga Loft is pleased to offer Willows & Warriors November 12th 6:30 pm

If 2020 has proven anything, we need something more promising from the world, the world needs a promise from us - our greatness. Imagine your life if you lived as your best self. Living spaces, workplaces, and relationships would be built with authenticity, meaning, strength, and love. This is what it means to live well. Everyone can do it. You just need to learn how.

Holidays can feel like joy and comfort. They can also feel stressful, especially now, as many people feel doubt and uncertainty. Our next workshop will teach you the art of gratitude and how to experience joy from your mind, body, and spirit, every day.

Join us for our third event, Revisioning 2020: Gratitude. Together we will:

· Learn the real definition of gratitude and how to find richness in everyday living

· Use breathwork & meditation to become super attractors of good fortune

· Discover healthy ways to treat our bodies with the care and gratitude they deserve

Practice these techniques everyday with easy-to-use tools from the experts. $45. To register and pay for this event go to the Class Schedule/Special Event page at


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