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Spiritual Counseling: A Return to Wholeness

How can we live a life guided by our Soul and Spirit? Living this question is the “real work”. At Whole Soul Healing LLC, Amanda guides others to deepen their spiritual connection so that they may live a more satisfying and purpose-driven life. She does this by helping people move through old, negative beliefs, traumas, and blocks to love, and into a more wholesome, embodied way of being. Some techniques include talk therapy, chakra healing, somatic body awareness, guided imagery and meditative practice. Together, you will explore how your spiritual connection can inform this one precious lifetime.

Amanda Fresnics, LCSW is a Spiritual Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Reiki Master. She believes that the healing journey is one of coming back home to ourselves and our innate wisdom. Amanda offers spiritual counseling, psychotherapy, and Reiki healing both in-person and via telehealth. Whole Soul Healing LLC is located at 1806 Highway 35 Suite 205E Oakhurst, NJ. To learn more call 732.807.5005 or visit


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