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The Four Agreements a Blueprint for our Growth & Freedom by Roseann Petropoulos

The Four Agreements, as taught by Don Miguel Ruiz, is a personal guide to personal freedom. In his book, he explains that everything we do in life is based on the agreements we have made with ourselves and the people in our life, how we perceive ourselves in society and whether or not we connect to a Higher Power. So it is within these agreements, we tell ourselves what is possible and what is impossible. It is the basis for which we thrive or suffer in life. When we wish to live a life in peace, we need to find the courage to break the agreements that are based in fear and choose new agreements based in love. This simple idea of the Four Agreements provides an inspirational code for life, a template for personal development, behavior, communication and relationships. It sounds simple or is it?

So what is an Agreement? We agree that certain words and symbols form our languages for communication. However, the human element leads us to be bias, forming our opinion thru our own perspective. Society then came to an agreement that “Nobody is Perfect” a simple solution to solve a larger issue of disagreement. We assimilate into society, and in doing so, we often lose sight of our own desires. The four agreements offer us a means to reclaim our Authentic Self. Don Miguel Ruiz teachings are based in Toltec tradition. The Toltec ancient people (900-1200BC) were seekers of the Universal Truth, as in all sacred traditions. Truth that stand the test of time-space reality.

The First Agreement - Be Impeccable with Your Word

Impeccable means without sin. Are our words our beliefs? Does our belief still serve us? Are we lying to ourselves and others based on our beliefs? Are we speaking from love or fear? Often it is not what we say, but how we say it. Are our words, calm or loud? When we speak, does our message get lost in the tone of our voice? Something to think about.

The Second Agreement – Never Take Anything Personally

The words and actions of others lose their meaning when we take everything personally. What others say and do is more about them than about us. Something to remember next time someone irritates you.

The Third Agreement – Never Make Assumptions

When we only see what we know, what we want to see, what we want to hear, we miss how things really are. We are asking for trouble when we expect life and others to be a certain way. Then assume becomes “Ass-u-me”

The Fourth Agreement – Always Do Your Best

No More, No Less, our best varies each day depending on our situations.

Perhaps these Four Agreements will serve as a code for your life. In choosing to make this a way of life, many have found that there is a space between our words, a space to actually hear what the other is saying. Also, there is a space between our actions and the way we respond in any given moment. When we come to the place where we trust ourselves in the pause, there will be a space for our personal growth and freedom.

Roseann Petropoulos is a Certified Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master. Roseann combines her knowledge and intuitive insights to access collective consciousness and spiritual guidance, allowing her to offer clear and compassionate responses to your concerns. Roseann believes that true peace comes from within. For more information: or call 732.894.3197

This article appears in the February 2020 issue of Natural Awakenings Monmouth/Ocean. Click here to subscribe.



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