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The Nuts-and-Bolts Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

By Chris Pepitone, D.C.


HBOT has been found to have many benefits when it comes to reversing age. After a Longevity Series, HBOT reversed telomere length by between 22% and 38%!! Telomeres are the genetic markers for age. There are also benefits for your skin. Since HBOT increases collagen production your skin will become more taught and reduce wrinkles. It’s a great feeling when people start commenting regularly on your skin and how much younger you look.

Brain Health

HBOT increases blood flow to the brain, reduces inflammation in the brain, and can even stimulate the regeneration of damages axons on the nerves. This therapy has even been found to elongate the axons thereby allowing the neural impulse to have a greater reach and increased connectivity between various neurons. Axons are the long connector from one nerve cell to another which is where the nerve impulse travels. When these are damaged nerve impulses cannot transmit properly which reduces functionality of the various areas of the brain with a downstream effect on the body that it controls. HBOT has also been found to delay symptoms such as memory loss. It will even accelerate physical and neurological rehabilitation times.

Boosts Your Immune System

After a Longevity Series, HBOT stimulates the recycling out of 64% of dysfunctional/aged immune cells. This amazing therapy even pierces holes in biofilms to enable your immune system or antibiotics to be more effective in killing bacterial overgrowth. As a defense mechanism bacteria have the ability to develop biofilms to evade your immune system or even stop antibiotics from being effective. HBOT can disable the toxins of certain bacteria. Since it will also increase oxygen concentration in the tissues, it helps resist infection. This therapy improves the ability of white blood cells to find and destroy invaders.

Increased Energy Levels

Low on energy? Mitochondria are the energy factors of our cells which translates to how you actually get the energy we are thinking of. When mitochondria become dysfunctional your energy starts to decline. Mitochondria use oxygen to make energy. HBOT floods your mitochondria with oxygen stimulating massive production in energy. And here is the best part… if your mitochondria are dysfunctional and can’t handle the oxygen load then this amazing therapy will stimulate mitophagy (recycle out the mitochondria) and replace it with a brand new, high energy producing one.

More Benefits…

There are so many more benefits to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. To name a few more:

Speeds up wound healing from post-surgery or otherwise, enhances sports performance and recovery, enhances detoxification pathways, inhibits cancer growth, is a great compliment to chemotherapy and radiation, and more.

At Pure Health Services we offer the only Medium Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber that is FDA approved. For more information visit us at or call us at 732.747.0083.


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