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The Reiki Journey

Dorian Cattani started her spiritual journey by rescuing senior dogs, connecting and surrendering to the Universe, which led her to become a Reiki Master. Her training brought her to New York, California, and New Jersey. While finding peace within, she was able to navigate this new world; making herself a priority, connecting to her intuition and gut instinct, and being present. What Reiki and this newfound confidence did for her was bring her into this new light of true gratitude. She felt love for the first time in her life. Dorian dove into her education and took classes in intuition, mediumship, energy, and being an empath. This was a huge step to identifying herself as an Empath and navigating life as one. This led her to find answers within, not asking others. And major spiritual breakthroughs followed. Dorian then entered the amazing world of fostering senior dogs! During this time, Dorian was meditating every single day, working up from 5 minutes to 30 minutes a day. She felt so proud of her meditation that she became certified in teaching meditation. This propelled her into a new and safe headspace, curing her anxiety. Dorian started to facilitate guided meditation classes within her community. After teaching classes and seeing her work payoff, she infused her classes with Reiki and that's when the spiritual messages began! That's when she knew it was time to provide private Reiki sessions for her clients. She assisted women in their fertility journeys, people who needed career guidance, and who needed love advice but in a holistic way. After a year of caring for her ill father, Dorian moved to Asbury Park, NJ. She found fostering more senior dogs, exploring a new town, and walking on the beach to watch the waves start to heal her heart.

"As a Reiki Master, my mission is to support you on your journey to find peace and love within. I want my life's purpose to coincide with your life's purpose. I want to guide you on your journey to unlock your true potential, allow me to clear the energy around you, and increase your confidence to connect you to your greater purpose." Dorian Cattani has officially opened her Reiki Studio at 501 Grand Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ. You can visit her website for more information. And if you’d like to get in touch via text or phone 201.892.5242.

Sessions Include:

  • Aura Clearing with Sage or Palo Santo or both

  • Chakra readings

  • Crystals enhance the vibrational experience

  • Essential oils to revitalize the mind and body

  • Soothing music that allows for deep relaxation

  • Optional: Reiki Oracle Card readings


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