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Tools for Stress Awareness Month—272 Words

At Wander, we are all about relieving stress. With April being Stress Awareness Month and since 60% of the American population saying they are under stress daily, I wanted to share a few tools that may be helpful to you!

Lavender has so many health benefits from its anti-inflammatory qualities to its healing properties for the skin. But it’s most known for easing stress, creating calm, and reducing blood pressure! I love my lavender essential oil roll-on for this purpose. It’s so easy to keep in my purse or the car, and if I’m having a particularly human moment of stress, I roll it on for an almost immediate relief!

Another tool I keep in my ‘stress less toolbox’ is simply connecting to my breath! The act of deep breathing followed by releasing a sigh is actually one of the best forms of stress relief! Sighs tend to get a bad rap because we think of it as a sign of tension or frustration, but the actual act of sighing has the opposite effect easing tension! Square breathing or 4x4 breathing also can quickly reduce stress. It is a powerful technique that’s one of the easiest to do! Doing everything to the count of 4, you let your breathe out, keep your lungs empty, inhale a breath in, and keep your lungs full! So simple yet so effective! There are so many breathing techniques, and by bringing them into your awareness you may just begin breathing deeper already!

Kerry Bray has been a Luxury Travel Advisor since 2005 specializing in wellness travel retreats. For more information, please call 732.267.5338 or visit


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