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Travel Experiences Centered Around Wellness and Recovery

Over the last five years, there has been an increase in wellness travel. According to a study by the Travel Association, 34% of people going on a trip plan to activities focused on health and wellbeing! People are diving deeper into their health and wellness and including it as a critical part of their routines.

With so much information available, people are taking health and wellness into their own hands and expanding on it. The wellness traveler is seeking optimal wellbeing in their daily life, and they are also looking to incorporate wellbeing and recovery while traveling. So, when they go back home, the transition is seamless back into their lives.

If you are planning a vacation, here are some tips to incorporate wellness and recovery into your travel experience!

Cool Off to Recover. The cold has proven benefits to healing the body, repairing and restoring it! With Wim Hof hitting the mainstream through his Netflix documentary, spas and resorts have been keen to bring on the cold in their facilities. Using techniques from The Wim Hof method, resorts are beginning to install ice baths on site, have polar plunges planned, and bring cryo-therapy machines on-site! While your body may be well below freezing, your muscles and joints will thank you! The cold has been proven to reduce inflammation and swelling while speeding up your recovery.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy Heals. Vitamin infusions can be an integral part of your recovery. You may be kept in the privacy of your room or tucked in a private room off the spa, but vitamin infusion such as the Myer’s Cocktail helps to relieve stress, speed up recovery, boost the immune system, and release toxins! With high doses of vitamins B and C and a mix of minerals, this infusion also helps to boost clarity and enhance focus.

Mental Recovery is Equally Key. With such a digitally connected world, having rest from technology and less blue light in our lives can make a huge difference. At places like Miraval, in addition to physical health, it’s all about mental and spiritual health incorporating quiet rooms, phone-free zones. Miraval also provides pods to place your phone, so it is safely away from you. Some wellness-centered resorts even ask you to check the tech at the door! Places like Canyon Ranch offer meditation classes that teach breathing techniques, so travelers can focus on clearing their mind and tapping into the power of the present moment.

In 2023, travel centered around wellness and recovery is more accessible than it’s ever been. More places are thinking about their client’s wellbeing. Various brands across price points are now providing sleep kits, specialty pillows, noise machines, aromatherapy, lavender scented soaps, and fit kits. Luxury hotels are also taking extra consideration for wellness travelers. With well-being at the forefront of so many discussions, seeing an increase in depression/anxiety and many other mental health concerns, wellness and recovery centered travel is viewed differently now, and with all of its health benefits, it’s here to stay.

Kerry Bray is the founder of Wander Travel Company. She has been a Luxury Travel Advisor since 2005 specializing in luxury and wellness travel as well as wellness retreats. As a mother, wife, yoga teacher, spiritual guide, mindfulness leader, and free spirit with a gypsy soul, her loves at work mirror her loves in general - the water, reading, nature, and traveling. She lives near the beach in New Jersey with her husband, her four children, and their two dogs. She enjoys volunteering in her community and doing classes and workshops from time to time. For more information, please call 732.267.5338 or visit


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