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Welcome Shi Kit Yeung!

Welcome Shi Kit Yeung, L.M.T. and his unique form of Chinese Medical Massage to Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center


Shi Kit provides Tuina (pronounced ‘twee-nah’) massage which is the oldest system of bodywork. Lasting therapeutic results are achieved through kneading, pushing, holding and rolling of the muscles and tendons. His work further includes acupressure, foot reflexology along with assisted-stretching and joint mobilization methods to restore range of motion, flexibility and function to the muscles and joints. He is dedicated to helping people release their pain through Chinese medical massage.

His bodywork specializes in addressing scar tissue at the bone level sustained from sports injury, falls, car accidents, surgery and the like. This may also include releasing blood and qi stagnation through applying cupping and gua sha techniques. Another highlight of his work is abdominal massage involving a vibrational technique that helps him find and release blockages to restore free flow of qi and blood to the abdomen and throughout the body.

Shi Kit graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine after seven years of study – followed by providing acupuncture and Tuina at Beijing Wang Jing Hospital. He graduated from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Metuchen, New Jersey where he learned Swedish massage, reflexology and deep tissue massage.

For more information and to book an appointment call or text 732.758.1800 or visit


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